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List of bentrup Application Notes and Product Change Notifications

To provide our customers with the best possible support we have created a library of application notes and product change notifications.

Application notes (ANs) explain typical questions which come up frequently when going more into depth of the controller. They also provide helpful hints for controller installation and usage. The following Applications Notes are currently published:

AN0100 Safety switch off feature for kilns using bentrup controls
AN0101 Typical Causes when Customers claim Inaccurate Temperature Reading
AN0103 How to change the locked configuration values of bentrup controls
AN0205 Additional Instructions and Considerations when setting up Controllers
AN0202 Using bentrup TC500 controllers with WinControl 4.7 or higher
AN0204 Setting up communication on TC-S1 / M2 and TC500 series controllers
AN0302 Using Solid State Relays on bentrup controllers
AN0402 Run Time Licenses
AN0602 Explanations and Considerations about Multizone Controllers
AN0702 Operation Instructions and Details of the optional PLC of TC-S1/S2/M2
AN0902 Communication Options on bentrup Controllers
AN1002 Input / Output Options on bentrup TC500 series controllers
AN1003 Firmware Update Options on TC-S1/S2/M2/DIG600
AN1102 PROFIBUS-Option on bentrup TC-S1/S2/M2
AN0809 bentrup Remote Support Option via Internet
AN1207 Connecting bentrup controllers with USB port to Windows
AN0713 Manual Setup of Control Parameters (PID)
AN0415 Industrial USB to RS485 Interface (ISOLATED) for bentrup controllers
AN0115 USB to RS485 interface for bentrup controllers
AN1016 Important Notes working with Oxygen-Probes


Product Change Notifications (PCNs) inform about changes of the controller hardware and software. The following Product Change Notifications are currently published:

PCN0303 Improved EMC on TC-S1/S2/M2
PCN0402 Software History / Changes of bentrup TC500 Series Controllers
PCN0502 Event Message “A7”